Insurance Technology Funding Trends — Q1 2017

The following graphs highlight recent trends in Insurance Technology (InsurTech) funding activity.

InsurTech Funding Over TIme

The above graph summarizes the total funding raised by InsurTech startups for each year. 2014 is the best year so far with just over $6B in funding. 2015 comes in at second place with just under $4B in funding.

InsurTech Vintage Year Funding

The above graph summarizes the total amount of funding raised by InsurTech companies founded in a certain year. Companies founded in 2013 have raised the most funding at around $2.6B, followed by those founded in 2014 which have raised about $1B.

We are currently tracking 1,022 Insurance Technology companies in 14 categories across 54 countries, with a total of $17 Billion in funding. Click here to learn more about the full Insurance Technology report and database.



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