AI Sector Maturing As Funding Shifts to Later Stage

  • Funding amounts are shifting to mid and late-stage events
  • Later-stage funding counts increased while early-stage funding counts dropped

AI Funding Amounts Shifting to Mid and Late-Stage Events

We’ll start off by examining the annual AI funding amounts. The below graph shows recent AI funding amounts in different rounds.

Later-Stage AI Funding Counts Grew; Early-Stage Funding Counts Dropped

Let’s now look at the annual AI funding event counts. The below graph shows the AI funding counts in different rounds over recent years.

Conclusion: The AI Sector Is Maturing

In conclusion, we have seen that AI funding amounts have shifted to mid and late-stage events. AI funding counts also saw an increase in mid and late-stage events and a drop in Seed events. These observations led us to conclude that the AI sector is maturing. Investors seem to be placing heavier bets into more well-established AI companies.



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